"The Gentlemen's Brand"

A.E.Westbrook was founded by Andersen Jones. Andersen has worked in companies where style wasn't taken seriously. He also worked very close with various clients in putting together outfits and wardrobes. Andersen has a strong belief that a person should possess a presence that captures the attention of others. Style should have some type of sophistication and should never be predictable. With that being said A.E.Westbrook was created.

A.E.Westbrook was started to introduced a style of bow-ties that are easier and more stable than the traditional bow-tie. These bow-ties are 100% handmade in the Kentucky. A.E.W has a vision to become a brand that not only inspires others as well as influences them to dress better. By doing this, you can see firsthand the transformation that a wardrobe can have. It can change attitudes, perceptions, and a person's overall well-being. We hope that A.E.W can inspire you to take style more seriously, and also have a little fun with it.

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